For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to travel the world. I spent summer upon summer growing up exploring wherever I could walk to and even past some of the limits my mother would put on me. I had, and still have, a serious case of wanderlust that rival most. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel. And travel is exactly what i had my eyes on.
Living in New York, i was surrounded by trees and farms as far as the eye could see. So naturally, as soon as a I graduated high school, I kissed my parents and off to college i went. I studied as hard as I could so I could graduate early and fulfill my dreams of exploring any place I could get to. And that’s exactly what I did. I graduated college and jetted off to Chicago, where I accepted an internship at a publishing company. While there, I did what i had been doing ever since I was born, I explored. My exploration lead me to some of the best places I have ever eaten, to some of the best architecture I have ever laid eyes on, and to some of the best friends I could have asked for. But as I stayed in my apartment in Chicago, I felt trapped. I felt as if I were missing something. I had a friend living in Lafayette, La but that just didn’t sound right for me.

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We live in a world full of beautiful, amazing, inspiring and breathtaking Mother Nature. There are many things that man can learn about life; from the amazing geographical features, to ancient treasures and alluring landscapes. There are familiar tourist destinations sites across the globe, some being labeled among the eight wonders of the world and there are other untapped tourist potentials in many parts of the world. Exploration offers many people the perfect opportunities of traveling across the globe deep in the Savannah grass land, in the tropical forest and in the Amazon or other parts of the world to unearth, enjoy and discover some historical facts about life. It’s nice to be able to get away from home, whether it’s California or Louisiana.

Through this act, you will manage to search and indulge yourself in some of the perfect opportunities that will definitely expose you to real life situations. It is through this that you will definitely discover and learn more about life and its resources. Through great explorations, humans have managed to gather important information to move the society forward. During the Age of Discovery, a lot of European explorers charted and sailed in difficult regions of the world- to learn, discover and unearth some things about life. It is the reasons why we today have some ancient treasures which were hidden, buried and forgotten thousands of years ago.Continue reading

Rocketry is the idea that we can take a missile and control it all the way to space… which is insane in itself, but you have to ask yourself, what kind of CRAZY things can we DO once we get OUT there?!


And when I looked into it, space scientists did not disappoint. Saturn is a crazy place. There’s a weird hexagon swirling at it’s North Pole, not to mention it’s got rings or something.


But it’s moon, Titan, has space scientists really excited. Titan is one of the closest Earth-like planets we can study; NASA describes it as a frozen version of Earth — only… not. Titan has a chemical rich atmosphere, and the surface is Earth-LIKE, with oceans, rivers, mountains and even rain! The thing is, the lakes and rivers and rain aren’t water — they’re ethane and methane.


This planet is so similar yet so alien, and so familiar that scientists believe they can send a probe equipped with a submarine. A SUBMARINE. The plan is to use a submarine powered by radioactive pellets (like Curiosity on Mars) to dive below the methane seas and explore the ocean, called Kraken Mare. This is some old school stuff, but not the old school


Another crazy idea from NASA, is HAVOC — the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept — alleviates all that. 450 kilometers above the surface of Venus, the gravity is similar to Earth, and daily radiation exposure on Venus is similar to Canada, whereas Mars’ exposure is more than Earth average. So why not live there?? The plan is to send robots and then humans who can permanently live above Venus in a helium-filled solar-powered airship.


Venus is ideal for human explorations as its closer to Earth than Mars, but it’s not as popular for exploration maybe because the combination of dense crushing atmosphere, heat and sulfuric acid rain.


These plans are just amazing.

They say the age of adventure is over, all roads have been traveled and all secrets have been uncovered.

I as a writer know this is not true. You have to blaze new trails and see new wonders or you become jaded and bored.

This is why I do not do my travel, as many do on the Internet. They surf the web in the comfort of their own homes and don’t even get their shoes dirty. They then think they understand the world.

This is why when I see something interesting in the news or yes, even on the net. I pack up my bags and head out to find out the truth for myself.

For example, I learned that for some reason Filipino’s who come to America do better and succeed better in business than many other minorities that come here. I know of one person who set up a tree trimming company in Louisiana and is doing very well for himself.

So, in order to find out why this could be true I thought I would take a trip there and see what they were doing in the islands that we don’t do here in the States.

I was not expecting what I was to find or the things that were about to happen to me.

But, it changed the way I think about travel and how I do it now forever. Especially after the events, I experienced there.

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Adventure is where you find it they say. I find it by the exploration of flea markets.


You say that isn’t real exploring. Exploring is traveling to far off lands and seeing exotic sights.




Well the flea markets I explore are in China and you might find anything in a flea market there.


From ancient artifacts, you have to register before you can take them out of the country home to a lava rock to scrub your back and feet.


I got into the habit by accident as I was told about a market that was in a riverbed in the Northern part of the vacation and port city of Qingdao.


It is only about an hour north of the center of the city by bus.


My friend a fellow teacher said you could buy anything there and I didn’t believe him.


He insisted and I went along for the ride, as it was a Saturday and a great day to get out into the sun.


Street Food and Some of the most amazing junk/treasures you’ll ever see.

We took the bus north and in a short time, we passed over a river (At least on the map I had.).


We alighted and we down a side street, which lead down into the empty riverbed. Along the way, I fell in love with 3 puppies that were being offered for sale. The Chinese now view dogs as pets and surrogates for their children who are away at college or abroad.


We stopped at a street vendor where we pigged out on the Chinese egg tarts which are little baked dough cups file with a sweet yellow egg cream.


We then made it to the flea market proper.


Wonders upon wonders and stuff I have no idea what it was for.

I saw a vintage WWII Japanese sword being offered up for sale, which I knew would be worth a good $1,000 dollars to a sword collector in the states. The tang was even signed. (This makes them more valuable)


My friend however was in a hurry, as he wanted to get some plants for his wife who was decorating their new apartment. So, I passed on a good deal.


We made it to the plant sales area. It seems whenever you go to a Chinese market of any kind everyone forms little groups based on the products they are selling.


The plants were near where you could buy fish, turtles, and birds.


The area around Qingdao is mountainous and bird hunters go up to catch many kinds of exotic (to us) birds. I saw magpies who spoke Chinese, Parakeets, and some cockatiels. I confess I am not bird expert, but it was a riot color and raucous sounds of squawking and the people dickering on price in Mandarin and the local dialects.


We finally made it to the plant section where my friend bought what his wife wanted. Some large Philodendron like plants, which I don’t know the name of. He arranged to have them delivered.


Here is an interesting side note. In China, they use an electrically powered 3-wheeled cart that has a seat for the rider like a motorcycle and a flatbed and is like a 3-wheeled pickup truck that they use to carry everything.


You see them going down the side of the highways as there is a lane set aside for scooters and bicycles. They usually are either blue or red and in 10 years in Asia, I’ve only seen the 2 colors.


If you go to the Philippines, the Jiminy/TUK TUK (local 3 wheel gas powered trikes that have room for passengers) is as individualistic as the owners with garish colors and chrome and lights.


Having taken care of that we explore the rest of the 2-kilometer long flea market.


Show and Clothing of colors, types, and sizes were in the center. Next came the meat, vegetables, and baked goods. Canopies were raised over most of this area forming pavilions where you wander up and down rows of various goods and edible products that are in a bewildering cornucopia of smells, colors, and textures.


We then got to my favorite part. The Miscellaneous section. This is where you can find anything from a Geiger counter to a laboratory sealed weight machine that looked like a large wooden and glass case with the sensitive mechanism inside.


I saw a plethora of American & British books in English some looked to be old and perhaps a booksellers dream come true.


But then we came to the hawkers selling every kind of invention you care to name. Water purifiers that run on centrifugal force, Cutters and graders that would make Ronco and Popeil envious.


Kitchen knives that cut like magic. Here is an entrepreneur’s paradise in products for American consumers.


I saw many that should be on infomercials and late night commercials or Home Shopping Network.


At the far end is the industrial section where anything from giant electrical motors transformers and other heavy-duty hardware is to be found. Drill bits and tools of all shapes and sizes.


Some that I think would take two men to lift.


Finally at the very edge was the junk. I fell in love with the various odds and ends you can find here. Memorabilia dating back to the 1920’s and earlier. Not just Chinese either. There were items of foreign make as well. Jewelry, decorations, all from the time before WWII.


A collector would have a field day in this part of the flea market.




Adventure and Exploration can be found in strange and far off places true but…

In far off and exotic places, you can find the excitement still in finding the mundane and common if you look hard enough. Going to one of the large open-air Chinese markets or flea markets is fun, which can be an adventure all in itself, and you can find some real bargains as well


Oh, What did I get?


A lava scrub stone that works better that soap, Some industrial strength magnets that are the most powerful I ever saw. I also bought some Bruce Lee tee shirts and other kungfu items.


But mostly I had a great time sampling the street food and taking in the sights that I’ll remember always.


And that is the reason I think we explore. We want to see new things and experience the tastes, sounds, and smells.


Something the Internet can’t give.

Welcome to my new website Around Globe. Thanks for checking it out and keep checking in as I add new content.

I’ll be discussing different ways of “exploring”. These days, you can travel around the globe from your computer chair.

Obviously that’s not nearly as exciting as going and doing it in person, but not everybody has the chance to go all over the world. If your computer is the only way you are going to be able to travel the world, then maybe you can do some of that traveling here.